Millay, 42, Reading, UK

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Millay came to classes at my old studio in South East London and then moved out of London and joined re-centre in February 2021 . Millay comes to every Monday night class from during the pandemic to present day.

It was lockdown and I really sensed I needed to start attending to my body more! Just so happened to get your re-centre email and it felt like the universe was offering me what I needed! At the time I still had some abdominal weakness (not massive diastasis but a bit) and occasional urine leakage.

Great improvement with my symptoms almost gone

Since attending re-centre classes regularly, I have noticed a real improvement in how held-together my abdominal wall is, and a massive reduction in leaking! Now, if I miss a few classes I immediately notice leaks happen more, so I really do attribute the reduction of that to the pelvic floor work. I also noticed a reduction in lower back ache, which was mild anyway but recurring.

Also, the classes were honestly such a lifeline for me (and to an extent still are!) during the pandemic. It was a way to connect to my body and attend to it, while connecting with others too. My sleep is not always the best, but I always sleep SO well after the Monday night class! I think the work has made me more aware of my posture (which has always been dreadful!) and is gradually improving that, I think.


Persevere! For several months the classes took SO much mental concentration and mind-to-body connection, it was (in a good way!) tiring and mentally challenging! But the more you practise the more ease and flow there is.

At the moment I just do the 1 hour live class a week, I love that it feels like I am with others live (as opposed to a recording); I think that is very motivating for me as it feels like I 'have to be somewhere'. If I wasn't so flippin busy I would try to attend the shorter live classes too. I struggle to a) remember and b) feel as motivated to do the short videos more regularly. It's a goal though!

Not really :) I knew Simone from before and knew that I would get so much out any class she teaches! I think because we had done a little Hypopressive work in the baby yoga class, I did not feel too intimidated about that aspect.

It was really helpful having the option of the short 1:1 chats to make sure I had understood certain cues, etc. Starting off, it would perhaps have been helpful to have some in person classes so that as you're learning you can actually have adjustments, and see a more 360 degree version of what is being modelled.

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