Barbara, 75, North East England

Member since November 2022

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Barabara is incredibly committed to the practice and she comes to four live classes per week. She has done all 3 levels of the Low Pressure Fitness Teacher’s training and continues to learn and progress in her own practice. Barbara joined in November 2022 and I connected with her during a workshop where I did a guest appearance on Rachael Hall’s aligned membership.

I had some limited experience with Hypopressives from another training organisation. I had urgency in passing urine. I discovered Simone re-centre and I found her approach/professionalism/empathy wonderful. My symptoms have improved but fluctuate but I love the Hypopressives, low pressure fitness technique.

Yes, moderate improvements

Concentrating on the Breathing is calming and relaxing for me. Stress can increase the urgency symptoms so feeling calmer can help. Being body aware is important to me give me confidence and a general feeling of well being.


It takes some time to understand, feel the apnea be patient there is no hurry. Be mindful during your practice, concentration helps with the breathing practice and the poses.

2-3 live classes a week

Not really as I had some experience of the practice previously.

The fundamentals session and one to one session were very valuable getting introduced to Simone and feeling very comfortable with her.

A flexible program that fits around you

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