Friederike, 38, Frankfurt

Member since February 2024

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Client Story

Friederike is a Hypopressives and Yoga Trainer and Teacher and is based in Germany. She found me online and wanted to be exposed to different flows and learn more about the work. She joined in February 2024.

For the content on demand for Hypopressive Training at home. Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms. Improving a lot since I started Hypopressive Training in general.

Better habits on posture in general. Thanks to the motivating videos with different lengths, I'm very motivated to fit the training into my days. Due to regular training I recognize a huge improvement of the symptoms.


Be patient with learning the technique. Don't be frustrated, if symptoms do not improve after only a few weeks. Depending on the symptoms it can take longer to see improvement.

15-20 minutes 3 times a week

I wouldn’t use the platform regularly

A flexible program that fits around you

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