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Amanda came to a workshop in East London in 2022 and has been really committed to her practice and comes to one to two live classes every week. She joined re-centre in September 2021.

Rectocele prolapse, all pelvic organs feeling very low and uncomfortable post second child age 40. Regularly experienced bulging and discomfort especially when walking, etc. Symptoms improved somewhat after using Squeezy app (religiously for 6 months!) but I still felt the fundamental issue hasn't been resolved. Hypopressives helped significantly improve overall symptoms - I no longer experience the same level of discomfort and have much more confidence in how my pelvic floor feels generally.

I have noticed significant improvements and my symptoms are almost gone.

The feelings of heaviness / bulging in the pelvic floor are significantly better. I have experienced improvements in overall quality of life & my mental health from this too. I had a long episode of neck pain with a compressed nerve and the posture work also aided my recovery from this too.


Baby steps! Take your time, do a little at a time and really work on getting the technique right. Don't be discouraged - it's not an overnight fix but well worth persevering.

One or two live classes and a 10-15 min self-practice a couple of times a week. Sometimes additional 5 min practices (in the kitchen videos).

No - Simone and the practice came highly recommended by a mutual friend!

The one-to-one at the start was really helpful and reassuring to get the technique, but I loved it all from the beginning and had no doubts that it would be beneficial.

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