Philipa, 43, London

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Philipa is a mother of 2 and is an ex-ballet dancer. She first connected with me when she came to my studio in London when I was teaching in-person postnatal classes. She joined the online Hypopressives platform in January 2021.

My core just wasn't engaged anymore, my upper abs were taking over and I couldn't engage my lower abs. Having experienced the lessons before I knew it would help but re-joining this time I have seen a big difference. I have suffered from prolapse and my digestive system was not working properly. I now feel more engaged in my core as a whole and my digestion has improved.

Yes, I have seen huge improvement. My symptoms are almost gone.

I feel lifted from within, like my core is working on a deeper level to other exercise programs like Pilates. It goes deeper. I always leave a live class feeling calm and zen. Simone has a good way of bringing you back to the now and I always leave a class feeling more positive and relaxed.


Really practice the breathing and start slow so you have the basics. From there you will be able to progress quickly. Also if you feel you don't have time, even 10 mins a day is great and will benefit you. Simone has some great kitchen exercises that I do while feeding the kids breakfast/dinner. It really is possible to fit it in.

15-20 minutes 3 times a week

No, I know and trust Simone. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. We are lucky to have her!

Simone is highly skilled and highly trained. You can see from her teaching and practice, she knows exactly what she is doing.

A flexible program that fits around you

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