Cleo, 39, South East England

Member since May 2021

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Cleo is an Osteopath with an interest in women’s health. She is from South East England and joined re-centre in May 2021.

I joined to focus on me and trying to nurture my body after having a baby. I haven’t had any symptoms but I do have a tummy gap and I know I have lots to do to rehab my core.

My symptoms are all gone.

Low pressure fitness and pilates made such an amazing difference and I’ve never really focused again like that. I’m hoping to get a good routine going again!


Small and manageable (I need to listen to this advice though myself)

2-3 live classes a week

Not really, I do remember after having a baby I felt the need to go back to the gym/ run again which wouldn’t have been good at the time. Over some time I saw the progress and felt so much better in myself.

I think over time I saw so much progress.

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