I wanted to say that your classes have been so wonderful this year, I have loved the structure they provided to my week and that time to connect ... but the change in my body has been amazing, after 3 kids, this year I have felt the strongest I have felt in a long time so THANK YOU.
Just wanted to drop a message and say I am really enjoying re-centre, I started off a month ago and just worked on the short beginner videos. In the last week I have moved onto your longer live classes, and I am really noticing a difference, my apnea is getting deeper and my posture is improving. I’m really enjoying this low pressure fitness after years of exercising in a more masculine way that did not suit my body. Thanks!
I have been doing Simone’s class for the last 8 months. When I started I had a large diastis recti separation. Now my stomach muscles are knitted back together again. Thank you Simone! I love how her class mixes Pilates with hypopressives. You can really feel your muscles working from the inside out. The website is great as you have access to short videos that you can do when you have a spare 10 mins. I would highly recommend her classes for anyone who has just given birth.
Thank you for the incredible support you have given me over the past year. You have been such a kind and knowledgable guide and anchor in my recovery. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you.
Hi Simone! I wanted to share with you that I went to see the women's health physio last week and my prolapse has finally improved! I went to see her about 8 weeks ago for a checkup and to see how things were after a long period of doing pretty much nothing about it. Sadly my pelvic floor was weaker and prolapses were looking the same. She encouraged me to get back on track and booked a check up session 6 weeks later to see if I worked hard we could see improvements. So my goal was to do one of your live classes and an extra 20 min session a week (thanks to the new membership scheme that was easy!) for the 6 weeks in between checkups to see what happened. And it worked! The back prolapse has not improved but it hasn't worsened, however the front prolapse is much better and I've also regained strength in my pelvic floor. So I'm quite happy about it :) Just wanted to share and say thanks, as your classes and videos have made this possible. I'm now motivated to continue doing these exercises in the hope that more improvements will follow.
Thank you so much Simone!…Your platform is wonderful too, so easy to use and follow, and so much content. Fab - thank you.
My body is really starting to respond to the hypopressors now, in the past weeks I’ve noticed a real abdominal strength when I’m cycling or moving about, which I definitely didn’t have before. It’s surprising as it really lets my overworked hips and glutes relax a bit. I can’t believe that after years of doing pilates everyday, I never managed to get my abs and core as strong as this. I almost feel disillusioned by pilates now, but doing the pilates exercises while in a hypopressive is this amazing sensation of everything clicking into place and I’m finally managing to engage the right bits of my body which hypermobility never let me do.
Before I worked with Simone, I had struggled for 3 years to rehabilitate my body after a difficult pregnancy and traumatic birth experience, resulting in birth injuries and prolapses. I also have underlying health issues including joint hypermobility which worsened after pregnancy and meant most exercises (including Yoga and Reformer Pilates) were not only not working, they were causing me further injury! I heard of Low Pressure Fitness & tried it a few times with another teacher, but was not able to master the technique. I was completely frustrated and disheartened & had resigned myself to living with incontinence issues & permanent lower back pain forever. It is not an understatement to say working with Simone has changed my life! I felt the benefits after the first month, and after a year of weekly practice, I am AMAZED at the difference in my body.  My posture has completely changed, my lower back pain is virtually eliminated, I find the physical demands of day to day parenting so much easier and my prolapses barely ever bother me now (and I had tried EVERYTHING for prolapse before - Kegels, pelvic floor physio, infrared lasers, biofeedback... you name it). These huge changes have been achieved with a 1 hour class once per week, and the odd 5 minutes here and there between classes - what other exercises can give you such huge returns for such a small time investment?! And Simone herself is truly a hidden gem to work with - she has an in-depth understanding of biomechanics and especially the sorts of issues that tend to plague us Mums. She explains everything so well, is wonderfully kind, patient and empathic and truly makes you feel held during a session. I can't recommend her highly enough and have been singing her praises to everyone who will listen!